Stonewall Gin 70cl – Passionfruit & Mango


Stonewall Gin – Drink & Donate to the LGBTQ+ community

Stonewall Gin has been created as a fundraising charity range of premium quality gins donating monies to LGBTQ charities.

Here’s the brand story so far….

Spirit of Stonewall is a family run business who produce quality Craft Gins. The Stonewall brand emerged when I rediscovered, as a young gay man, the history of the LGBT+ pride movement and the beginnings at the Stonewall Riots in the Stonewall Inn Greenwich Village New York 1969.

I see the 1969 protests as the basis for many of the liberties and freedoms I experience today living and working in the UK. I wanted to publicise through our range of popular Gins the movement and the history, not only to the LGBT+ community but beyond as a human interest story of a struggle for acceptance and how protest can mean change.

After researching extensively the Stonewall UK Charity we wanted to be able to support their incredible work which they do to achieve LGBT+ acceptance and the support they give to people who are struggling with accepting themselves. Stonewall UK are extremely happy for us to support them as a charity through our current range of Gins and we have their full backing.

We also have the support of the Stonewall Inn New York where the riots took place and have received a great message of support from Tree Sequoia who was working at Stonewall Inn on the evening of the riots in 1969 and still works there now. (Please see link For every bottle we sell we donate £1 to the Stonewall UK Charity.

What our customers say about Stonewall Gin :-

JT – ‘I ordered 2 bottles of the gin one for me and the other for a present wow best gin and love the bottle thnk you!
CW – ‘Your gin is hands down the best gin I’ve ever tasted, it’s delicious & is so easy to drink! Thank you!
AM – I just got the rhubarb gin it is the best rhubarb gin I’ve tasted!!

We have had great support from LGBTQ+ activists and public figures including:

Duncan James (Blue)
Cheryl Hole (UK Drag Race)
Divina De Campo (UK Drag Race)
Lloyd Daniels (X-factor & Actor)
Catherine Tyldesley (Coronation Street & Strictly Come Dancing)
Dr Ranj (Strictly Come Dancing & TV Presenter).
Antony Costa (Blue)

London Dry Gin is our carefully produced premium base Gin. It is very smooth in taste with citrus and liquorice notes. After numerous taste testing and quality checks over a 6 month period the final recipe is made from Juniper, Coriander, Orange, Liquorice, Almonds, and a local coastal berry called Sea Buckthorn which gives our Gin fine Citrus, almost Mango notes.

Once we had perfected our London Dry Gin we used this as the base for our tasty, but not so sweet Pink Rhubarb Gin by adding an authentic Rhubarb flavour.


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