Mrs.Riggall’s 200ml 37.5% ABV – Hot & Fiery Chilli Rum


Made with Naga Bhut Jolokia Chilli from India which is measured as ‘superhot’ at 1million SHU on the Scoville scale.

The world’s hot rum (maybe). Mrs. Riggall’s Fiery Chilli Rum is a traditional full strength (37.5% abv) and full flavoured sipping spirit and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Some say this is the world’s hottest chilli rum, see ‘Hot Passion Cuban’ passionfruit cocktail recipe below.

Fiery Chilli Rum is made with the finest Lincolnshire extra smooth rum and the hottest fresh chilli. Finally, we add just a pinch of sugars from Mrs. Riggalls original recipe book.

The drink is 37.5% ABV so it’s strong and full of hot fiery chilli flavour. Originally designed as a ‘Sipping Spirit’ to be drunk neat or over ice. In today’s world, our customers use Mrs. Riggalls Sipping Spirits in Champagne or Prosecco for extra flavour and an extra kick or in cocktails.

Try a ‘Hot Passion Cuban’ 45ml of Mrs. Riggall’s Fiery Chilli Rum, Dry Ginger Ale, Juice of 1/4 lime, 1 teaspoon passionfruit pulp, 2 mint sprigs, ice. See website for recipes

Always shake the bottle well before opening and check the label for allergens.

Mrs. Riggall’s Spipping Spirits make the perfect gift in a special Mrs. Riggall’s presentation box ideal for any spirit lover.

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Mrs. Riggalls – Origins and Recipes

Family folklore has it that Captain Thomas Riggall was a wealthy Lincolnshire grain farmer. In 1803, he left his wife and farm to join the 10th Hussars regiment in fighting the Napoleonic wars. The family farm supplied grain to distilleries in London who satisfied the nation’s craze at the time for gin that was sweeping the nation. Mrs. Riggall, being an enterprising businesswoman, started her own distillery gathering distinctive ingredients from far and wide and so was born full-flavoured ‘sipping spirits’.

A drink for the more judicious and refined palate of the English upper classes. Family folklore doesn’t recall what happened to The Captain or to Mrs. Riggall’s business back then, but today’s Mrs. Riggall has resurrected the brand for today’s discerning gin and rum lovers.  Mrs. Riggall’s ‘sipping spirits’ are made in Lincolnshire by the family business using high-quality smooth gin or rum blended with the finest flavoured ingredients to create an exceptionally fine and distinct flavour.

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