CU29 70cl – Cooper Bottled London Dry


Great gins are made in copper

Inspired by Italian design and produced in the heartland of quality design and engineering in northern Italy


CU29 is a special gin. Full flavour and extra extra smooth, CU29 has its origins in science and flavours in art. In either London Dry or Pink Rhubarb, CU29 is an outstanding modern small-batch distillery gin.

With an atomic number of 29 and the chemical symbol CU, the element Copper is the inspiration for our classic gin. Copper vessels and piping help preserve purity hence the copper used in everyday water pipes. Purity in our distillation gives birth to CU29’s ultimate smoothness.

Quality equipment, the best production processes, and a rigorous methodology combined with testing and research means we produce consistently high quality.
We mix carefully sourced botanical ingredients including juniper, orange peel, liquorice, sea buckthorn, almond, blueberries, and coriander to deliver pure smooth enjoyment.

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